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Herbal Alternatives

Helping Your Body Fight the Good Fight 

The average cell takes ten thousand free radicals hits on its DNA deoxyribonucleic acid daily and you have trillions of cells to defend. Rogue cancer cells are commonplace but your body is designed to deal with them through many different mechanisms. The body, however, can easily be outsmarted and may unknowingly feed tumor cells with vital nutrients or provide cancer cells with much needed circulation in which to spread. Antioxidants work to prevent these renegade cells from developing in the first place, however, even with good antioxidant supplementation, many cancerous cells will still surface and attempt to organize. The body's immune function fights off such aggression with the production of natural killer cells, macrophages, and killer T cells while the liver actively cleanses the body of toxins and potential carcinogens. This is a very simple description of what goes on in our body on a daily basis! It is vital to maintain these important mechanisms and keep them functioning at peak efficiency. With today's average American diet and life style, we simply do not get enough nutrients to maintain our bodies in peak cancer fighting condition. To burden our immune systems even more, hostile environmental conditions in many urban and rural communities have given cancer the edge in the battle for wellness and longevity. It is important to take what science has learned through thousands of clinical trials and try to come up with a nutritional plan - not a cure, but a plan to fight cancer at every level in the body. There is clearly no 'magic bullet' or the perfect regimen. But what we do know is there is sound clinical research that shows that certain herbs, vitamins, minerals and food supplements work effectively to prevent or fight cancer. There are many proposed mechanisms in which science has suggested that certain herbs, vitamins, minerals and food supplements help protect normal cells and fight invading cancer cells directly, stop abnormal cell growth or enhance the body's own immunity.​

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